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It is a little known fact that the larger chain booksellers have been gradually implementing policies whereby they reduce the holding stock on genres that sell more slowly than others. 

Ever noticed how cookbooks are taking up more and more shelf space at most bookstores and even checkout isles at supermarkets?

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For years we have been breaking our backs lugging fabulous decor titles home with us from overseas trips, melting down at check in desks when our bags exceed their weight allowance. Or keeping our fingers crossed that ‘if’ our Amazon orders actually arrive, we will like the (previously unseen) title that, after import duties and shipping ended up costing the same as a weekend away.

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As a result Pezula Interiors has established relationships with the top book distributers across the country and can boast an expansive selection of incredible titles from the decor and design publishing ‘big guns’ – Flamarion, Rizzoli, TeNues, Gestalten, Thanes & Hudson and so many more.

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Our goal is to become the largest direct retailer of inspirational decor and design titles in Africa. A place where you can enjoy a cup of the finest coffee and actually ‘touch’ the pages of truly great books.

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We want to give you books that you will keep forever. Books you want to curl up with on your favorite sofa and start planning your future. A life where you are the king or queen of your very own pleasure palace. 

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Step inside the pages of our beautiful books and let the fun begin

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